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VetsEDU in conjunction with Armed Forces Realty work exclusively with Veterans, whether you are a buyer or seller.


Our real estate department has the ability to make the buying or selling process quick and easy by working closely with the areas top VA approved mortgage lenders and real estate agents to ensure quicker closings.


Our Agents


The Veterans real estate department will provide you with a Veteran friendly real estate agent who has a thorough knowledge of the VA Home Loan Program. The key to working with Veterans is to understand the VA Home Loan Program, which, according to our VA approved lenders, is the easiest & quickest of all mortgage loans to close.


All the agents we work with are part of a network of real estate agents that will cross-refer clients based upon your location which will ensure that you will be working with an agent that knows the area you want to buy in.


Working with our 20+ years of experience, our VA Home Loan specialists are experts in serving the Veteran & military community. We will show you based upon our proven methods how we can find you the house you want, in the area you want to live in, and get your offer accepted.


For Buyers


If you are looking to use your VA Home Loan benefits to buy a home there is no one in our great nation that has more experience in working with Veteran homebuyers then VetsEDU/Armed Forces Realty.


We know that buying a home, especially your first home, can seem a bit overwhelming and we are here to hold your hand throughout the entire home buying process. From credit restoration, through the pre-approval process, to closing, we provide all the services to ensure you that you are not left behind.



Sell YOUR HOME TO A Veteran


If you are looking to sell your house then there is no greater patriotic gesture than to sell to a Veteran. We have the largest number of pre-approved Veterans looking to buy your home. By selling to a Veteran you are providing them with a life for themselves and their families. They served our country for us so that we may live in freedom. When you are ready to sell your home contact VetsEDU and let’s work together to make home ownership a reality for our Veterans.



Many homeowners, real estate brokers, and attorneys are unfamiliar with the VA loan program and resist accepting an offer from a Veteran because of the “no-money-down” feature of the VA loan.  As a result, many offers made by Veterans are rejected outright, thus depriving our Veterans of their opportunity to fulfill the American Dream of home ownership. This is despite the fact that the VA loan is among the easiest mortgages to obtain and close.



So, we are calling upon all sellers, especially the older Veterans,

looking to sell their home, to be patriotic and to



Our Veterans have proudly served our country. They have put their lives on the line so that wecan have the liberties we have. The least we can do is afford them all the opportunity to achieve the American dream ofhome ownership.

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